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2014 Ford F150 Truck Concept

Saturday, January 5th 2013 by

2014 Ford F150 Truck

Ford’s history, while not founded on the F150 pickup and its predecessors, has certainly been built around it over the last 60 years. From its debut in 1948 to the present, the truck has evolved radically in design, features, and capability, but it has remained all-steel in frame and body. That’s soon to change.

2014 Ford F150 Truck Front View

The next generation of the F-150 is going to get an aluminum body, Ford trim 700 pounds from its curb weight, in an effort to improve gas mileage. Weight loss of 15 percent would be required for trucks, and brands, to meet the new fuel economy targets. To date a total of F-150 sales have been declining since 2004, Ford F-150 is still a 28 percent of total sales of Ford vehicles and as of 2011, has been the best-selling pickup for 35 consecutive years and the best selling vehicle overall for 30 years. Making a major change, like replacing the F-150′s steel body with aluminum, is a big risk, but it could also pay big dividends. 2014 will be a great year for the Ford Motor Company. The 2014 Ford F150 will be the best-selling truck of the year as always. No one has even came close to comparing in sales as the Ford trucks division.

Exterior and Interior

2014 Ford F150 Truck

2014 Ford F150 Truck Interior

2014 Ford F150 Truck Audio System

Ford F-150 uses aluminum as a raw material. It will present a number of challenges for Ford, including the cost, complexity of production, durability, and, of course, perception. The raw material itself is much more expensive than steel, which means that the prices can rise and profit margins may fall, potentially harming both Ford sales and profitability. Aluminum is also very difficult to work with than steel, potentially increasing the cost of production further. Steel is also much more flexible than aluminum, able to withstand deformation (dents, bumps and scuffs) without cracking, buckling, or fail structurally.


2014 Ford F150 Truck Logo

In the past, the highest selling trucks manufacturers in America turned a blind eye to modern technology and chose to focus only on profit making. Things are different now; Chrysler and GM are putting their buyers’ interest at heart and with the 2014 Ford F-150, ford is set to follow the same footstep. Trucks that are more fuel efficient are slowly replacing the old types. Automakers know that the U.S. Corporate Average Fuel-Economy (CAFE) is planning a stricter Carbon emission standard campaign for 2014. By 2014, EPA’s CAFE will insist that every fleet wide vehicle must average at least 31.3mpg. For 2015, it will be 32.6mpg, and that figure will still increase to 34.1mpg by 2016. This could be the main reason behind this new rush by automakers to reduce weight. If it weighs less, it uses less fuel, and it emits less Carbon.

2014 Ford F150 Truck Side

If it weighs less, it needs a smaller engine. From the GM’s hybrid line up to the Eco-boost V6 in F-150, automakers have been trying to improve their engine. We expect a further improvement in the performance from the Ford F-150 2014’s engine. If what we are hearing is true, Ford engineers are planning to play with the front-end aerodynamics; they may also add some upscale lighting choices, especially in the exclusive options.


2014 Ford F150 Truck Front Side

The prices of the Ford F-150 is estimated at: $ 23.670.

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